American Values and Chivalry gone?

In light of things that have been going on in the news lately I have been beginning to ponder the role of American Values in our society.  It is May 2011 and I was watching a YouTube video about a politician who lied and cheated in 2008.  This has seemed to be a common display these days.  It makes me wonder what happened to our moral standards and what moral standards do we live by today?

In high school we had to study about King Arthur and the round table.  We had to study about “chivalry”, which can be defined as moral, religious, and social standards met by the knights in the medieval time period.  Even then we read that the Queen was unfaithful with Sir Lancelot.  So maybe the moral standard was not as glorified as we think it was back then.  In Sir Gawain the Green Knight talks about another I think it was queen who tempted him to be unfaithful.

In this country it is not illegal for a man to cheat on his wife and have another child with another woman out of wedlock or to commit adultery.  In God’s Law it is illegal and punishable, but men in the Bible like David, Solomon, and even Abraham committed these acts because they were not listening to the Lord and they had to face these consequences.  The Bible says that even if you lust after someone with your own eyes it is like committing adultery with them in your heart.  It seems like lust and adultery are the building blocks of our society.  People are going after what they see dangling in front of them like forbidden fruit and they are tempted and they give in.  It would be nice if we had people that are politicians or role models that led lives that we could look up to.  Even pastors are guilty of this.  They tend the sheep but they don’t behave like shepherds.  Instead they behave like wolves in sheep’s clothing.

So if even in the Bible people were imperfect, there was one person who was perfect who we can use as a role model and that was Jesus.  In the wilderness He was tempted in all accounts and yet without sin.  So He probably and actually had the devil telling Him all kinds of things to make Him give in to temptation, but He did not sin.  So He is our example.

The Jewish law when it comes to adultery is very clear and so is it clear when Paul reemphasizes it for us in Corinthians.  So that is a good guideline to follow.

When the government started taking Christianity out of schools children were left without a moral standard to go by.  In this regard I have to admire the Asian cultures because even though they may not be Christian, they instill values in their children not to date until they are much older than American kids, which lets them avoid entering into the statistics of teenage pregnancy and abortion, but they have other shares of problems.

Maybe it’s not all completely bad right now because with the current headline this man is being condemned and people are not glorifying this infidelity, but I think for a society as a whole we need to have a clearer set of moral standards that really go out and convict people and give them a sense of guilt for knowing that what they are doing is wrong.  We have all been given a conscience and we need to act on that conscience, especially men, and go towards the narrow path of doing what’s right instead of straying away in to this place of darkness America has come to as a whole.

God wants us to be holy like Him, and He accepts our failures and our flaws, but He is encouraging us to steps to be more like Him.  I struggle with this sometimes because as I try to watch a nice television movie on a Saturday night that starts at 7pm all I find is things that promote witchcraft and occultism, have nudity and profanity, violence or horror.  What happened to the values that are in us that say we want to watch something nice like the Blind Side, or other inspirational, motivating, and uplifting movies?  Have they gone down the tube – no pun intended- or do we actually enjoy filling our minds with junk?  So then I just shift my focus onto something productive.  It’s time like this I feel like John Stossel when he used to say, “Gimme a Break!!”  So I say America [the government and media] “Gimme a break!”

For this, even being a conservative, I have to admire President Barak Obama because through all his time that he’s been married there hasn’t been much speculation about any affairs and he seems to be totally in love with his wife and his children have a standard to look up to so I applaud him for that, but then again that’s what they had said about this man in the news.  I doubt Mr. President is like that.  At least we have one politician who serves as a role model when it comes to living a life committed to his wife.

It is hard to find a man who doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t do drugs, is a virgin and single, or is married and faithful and committed, unless he truly follows after God and lives up to a high moral standard.  These are all standards that men should look up to along with developing their character.

Women are also guilty of their own share of problems, but that is a topic for another day.


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