rachael ray song

Let it ray

Let itray

Open the food gate of heaven

Gone is the past. Nkotb was on gma And live with kelly and michael. Today is the day that the Lord has made.


One thought on “rachael ray song

  1. The word love for me is agape (Romans 5). It is a no hook, no self benifiting love. That is the love that happens in marrriage and can only happen with God as it is His love.

    John 8 I love. The best part for me is that Jesus never condemns her, never points out her sin, and never asks her to confess them. He just forgives.

    One of the strongest things we have in oour marriage is that we do not. Let unforgivness fester and we are 1000 percent open with each other. To the point that I tell my wife in the right way when I lust.

    Marriage is twos ways: husband loves like Jesus and the wife follows him like the church does Jesus. When love and submition are happening both ways and the man is allowed to lead FOLLOWING God your marriage will rock.

    Again this post is made open to my wife, to protect our marriage.


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