The Most Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank MtSweat and his blog Resting in His Grace for this nomination.

Here’s what you need to do be nominated:

1.  Give credit to the person that nominated you and a link to their blog.

2.  List 15 blogs that you enjoy and go tell them that you have nominated them providing a link to your blog also providing a link to their blogs:


Affirmations of God

Treasure Contained

The Quantum Entangelment of the Soul


Wordsmith’s Desk

Julie’s Blog

Paulette’s Blog

Not For Itching Ears

Christianity Matters

The Cup of Salvation

My Thought for the Day

Rivers of Hope

God speaks I listen

God’s Daily Influence

3. List seven things about yourself

1.  I used to listen to New Kids on the Block – I know I know

2.  My favorite color is blue

3.  I am on facebook

4.  I like Indian food

5.  I used to be really good at drawing

6.  I have co-written some songs

7.  I enjoy writing and blogging


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