When rejection and strife has taken root

There are times in our lives when people whether intentionally or unintentionally have done something to offend or abuse us and we don’t know how to get rid of that pain.  Many times that pain manifests into physical sicknesses, and leads to things like heart problems, and just makes the condition of our bodies even worse.  One of the most profound Scriptures in the Word of God, is when Peter asks Jesus, “How many times should we forgive someone? Seven times?” Jesus says that we are supposed to forgive someone “seventy times seven” or 490 times.  That doesn’t mean that if they have done something to us 490 times, that we just stop forgiving them.

Sometimes it takes getting out of our own soul and flesh to kind of get a different angle of looking at something.  We must examine the facts and determine is this really what the other person did to me, or did I just perceive it that way.  The problem is instead of Christ being the center of our own lives, we have become the center of our own lives so when someone hurts we don’t see what we have contributed to that situation either in our own thought life, attitudes of our heart, or even how our own mind perceived a painful situation.

Granted that no one has the right to abuse you over and over again, but sometimes like Jesus said we have to, “Forgive them, they know not what they do.”  Many offenses happen between believers and these are the most dangerous kinds because we are in essence one body and when we hurt one another it’s like hitting ourselves over the head with a heavy book trying to give ourselves a concussion.

I used to when I was younger and hurt and when I felt unloved at one time, hit myself on the head with a book that was about a thousand pages hard cover because I just didn’t like myself and I didn’t think that anyone could sympathize.  God doesn’t want us hurting ourselves.  When you get a cut, you put ointment on it and a bandaid and let it heal, but many people sit there and let the wound get infected by not getting it treat properly.

Some of these wounds are bigger than a bandaid to heal, some of these wounds are so big, that it takes the mighty awesome power of the Holy Spirit to come it and clean it out.  One thing that we have to realize is that no one is perfect – NOBODY except for Jesus and God doesn’t expect us to be perfect.  One of the problems is when we do something to grieve the Holy Spirit, then we feel it deep with in our soul and then it gets manifested to our bodies.  Once it’s in our bodies it’s hard to get out.  You may have that sour feeling in your stomach and if it festers it can lead to an ulcer and if you don’t learn to let things go and forgive and lay aside the burden and the pain, but not in your own power, but in the power that the Lord has in his ever so abundant grace and make peace with Holy Spirit.

The greater you hurt, they greater your destiny.  The greater you suffer, the greater your destiny.  The problem is that that satan is scared of what you could possibly do so he wants to make you fear and doubt and worry and panic, be bitter, resentful, depression, discouraged, in rejection and in strife.

Some people don’t talk about their problems to the person that hurt them continually.  Some people just let it fester silently while they are sweet to them, trying to earn brownie points with them and God, but on the inside they are saying, “You really hurt me.”  “Why did God allow this to happen to me?”  They seethe on the inside and never confront the situation and are tormented on the inside and they are around people which the confide in who just make matters worse.  They gossip about these people because they are hurt and insecure on the inside and sometimes after someone has hurt them so many times, and the other person may not even be aware of what or how they did it, something inside them breaks, and they put up a wall of self-protection saying, “I will never let anyone hurt me anymore.  I will never let anyone get close to me anymore.”  They hold on to the hurt and they let it fester.  Nothing is more unpleasant than a festering wound.

When I was in the hospital I got a bed sore.  It didn’t hurt at first.  It kind of itched, but then it became a wound.  The doctors had to go and clean out the wound and the pus in the wound and it took months for it to heal.  It took daily treatment to heal and it had a scar.  It is similar to when Jacob wrestled with God, and God bruised his hip, and made him limp as a reminder of the experience.  We have to let the Holy Spirit apply treatment to the wound, and allow Him to help.  He wants to help us, but sometimes the wound has become so deep that it has actually become a tree of rejection.

Dr.  Caroline Leaf says in her book, “Who switched off my brain?”, that when people have negative thoughts and experiences it leads to toxic emotions and they have to replace that tree in the brain with another tree of life, which starts with forgiveness.  When we have this toxic emotions they make us sick and we cannot hold on to them.  We have to learn to let them go or they are forever seared into our subconscious, and they take root in our hearts and bodies.  Sometimes when we have these roots we feel sick to our stomach, or feel dread, and it is just like poison eating us up inside.

I can’t say that I have gotten to that point yet in my life where there aren’t any roots of rejection and strife in my life, but one thing I am learning is that you have to not judge others unless you be judged.  Sometimes we are so afraid of eternal judgment because we are judgmental ourselves.  If we have grace in our hearts, the grace of Christ, then we have nothing to fear in the day of judgment, because the Word says, “perfect love casts out fear”  so that we may have boldness in the day of judgement.  The main issue is love.  Love is what repentance is what love is all about.  When we love people and have high expectations of people and they hurt us, then that puts a sear in our hearts and we are afraid to love again.  We are afraid to be wounded again.  We don’t want to venture out and show unconditional love to someone just to have our hearts trampled on over again.  We want to be unbreakable and strong, but God doesn’t use the strong vessels, He uses the weak and foolish things of this world to confound the strong and the wise.  He uses the rejected people and the outcasts and He takes them under His wings and He covers them with His loving arm because He is El Shaddai, ever nurturing One.  Sometimes it takes coming to that place and saying, “I don’t understand what’s going on, and why I am in this mess, but I trust You God.”  Sometimes it may be that God is testing us just like He tested Job saying to satan, “There is no one like my servant Job, who is faithful.”  Sometimes we listen to people around us and they get us all messed up just like it did for Job and instead of going to God and just really being who we are when we are with Him, and stop trying to pretend to be holy and righteous and just saying, “I am a sinner and I know I might be wrong in what I am thinking, please help and change me.”

There are times when nothing works to change your circumstances, and you have been praising God all day and nothing seems to “work” that’s when you have come to know that God says, “Not right now,”  and you just have to wait on his timing.  One of the best things we can do in life is forgive others and receive forgiveness.  That it is the true spirit of Christmas because forgive means – for give.





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