Prayer for suicidal depressed people

Heavenly Father I lift up whoever is feeling suicidal or depressed today,


May they find the Jesus that lives in You, LORD God.  Let them know that they have a purpose in life, and that you have called and chosen them for Your purpose so they can see the Light of Your Kingdom, and live with the hope of knowing that despite all the pain and rejection that they are experiencing, that You have been there.  You have been right where they are, and You actually died and rose again so that should have life to the abundancy.  Let them know that there is nothing that they have experienced, which you don’t already know about and have experienced in some form or another.  Let them know that by Your stripes we are healed, and that there is healing in Your wings.  Let them have a purpose in this life.  Lord God, be with them this very hour, and take the pain out of them.  Let them know that “No weapon formed against them shall prosper.”  Let them know that they are loved of God.  Let them surrender their lives and commitment into Your hands.


IN Jesus Mighty Name I pray.


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