My apologies to you

As I am looking at the way I harbor unforgiveness I came to the realization that I may have hurt someone in some way maybe through this blog, or have shaken someone’s confidence in the LORD or deterred them away from a deeper relationship with God.  If I have done that then I am truly sorry and that was not my attention.  I don’t want anyone that I blog to – to have a spirit of condemnation, but to know that God loves you and He will work with you to change.  I want to use my experiences to build you up, to encourage you, to uplift you…and I only try to rebuke someone when I know the lesson is worth learning.  Thank you guys for the support during this blog.  I am working on the breastplate of righteousness, and part of that is forgiveness.  I learned today that some of the things that people don’t forgive is what they have been guilty of themselves, so I want to say I am sorry for having anyone’s feelings hurt.  I am going through some refining processes and God has been working on some of my heart issues.  Sometimes I even feel like a hypocrite from time to time because I’ll say something one way and that I’ll go and do the exact opposite, but I am still learning.  Thanks to God for His abundant Mercy and Grace even though I fail, He still picks me up and dusts me off so we can continue to run the race together.


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