Justice of Christ


After watching this sermon, and many of the sermons that are being preached…I believe that this is a time that the Body of Christ needs to be prepared to meet the groom, but how do we prepare unless we know who He is?  Sometimes we’re so afraid of Him being a judge, but God wants us to see that He is a just judge.  He wants us to see His love and His justice, unless we just think He’s an angry God.  The young man in this sermon talked about 27 million people in slavery today, more than any other time in Earth’s history.  After knowing that it brings me back to my Freedom.  I wrote about Freedom, and the cost of Freedom, but to know that Jesus paid the cost, but a lot of the people of the world are still bound.  It makes me wish I could do something, but if all I can do is pray, then that’s what I’ll do.  On my last post I wrote about Jesus being an Advocate with the Father, and on the next night, I was awoken again by loud thundering that just ripped the heavens open and outpouring rain.  If it weren’t for thunderstorms and the power and the majesty of God that is only a little reflection through them, I don’t know how I would begin to see the Amazing Holiness, Power and Might of God in a tangible presence.  It is comforting to know that someone is jealous for me.  That someone fights passionately for me.  That someone wants to see my enemies destroyed, but I have to do my part and not turn into a harlot and go after other gods and idols.  I have to put aside the cowardiceness, and the unbelief, and take on this shield of faith and walk with the Armor of God, and also know that with God’s heart He sees me as the bride, which brings me again to the question:  Who wants to be on the wrong side of wrath of a holy God?

There’s something to be said for the natural disasters that happen – we know that many lives are lost and many homes are destroyed and many people get hurt, but it is a reminder of exactly how much power that our God has.  He has power to shake the very earth and the heavens.  These things are only a reflection of the power, but my prayer is to fully know the depth and height and width of God’s love so to be able to stand in the last day and be on the right side of wrath and not on the wrong side.  We must be careful not to let familiarity step in, where we get so used to the name of Jesus, or so used to the Bible that it has no impact on us.  Stay tuned for some more videos.







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