SOPA, PIPA and Bible Copyright Laws

I don’t know what the exact Copyright Laws are about the Bible, but from what I can gather – if you quote beyond what is the Copyright Law for the Bible, and especially if you use resources like Biblegateway or, then according to SOPA and PIPA you could end up in a lot of trouble.  If I mention how much I might end up into a Copyright infringement.  Stop Online Piracy Act, and Protect Intellectual Property Act, are bills being passed in Congress today, that would stop people from freely being able to copy or quote online sources, without direct written permission from the writer.  That makes things like Online Evangelism more difficult and hard to maintain.  All of the Bible Translations except for KJV is under Copyright protection or so I heard.  We need to urge Congress not to pass these Acts.  We need to stop these Acts from passing.  You know me, I quote a lot of Bible passages, and if I feel restricted from using a certain amount in a piece of work (with the threat of 10 years in jail or site redirecting [so I’ve read]) for using that translation.  We need to pray that this bill gets stopped in its track.  Urging all Christian Bloggers, and Online Evangelists to pray for these bills not to be passed.


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