100th Post – Milestone of finding Your way in the world

This marks the 100th post of this blog – and I wanted to commemorate this to give God the glory for all the words of inspiration He gave me through the Holy Spirit, and through good times, bad times, times of trouble, trial, and temptation for Him always being there with me.  I would like to thank the supporters and followers of this blog for always being there to encourage and support and to be like ligaments in the Body of Christ, trying to keep the Body of Christ together without separation of denomination and bringing the focus of the Body of Christ being with Christ as the actual head of the Church.

For all the people that don’t know Christ yet, I hope this blog has encouraged you in some way and brought you out of despair, and brought you joy.  I aim to let God use me to reach out to you guys in particular because it is my heart’s cry that no one should perish and that all should come to know Christ because He is the only God and He can change your life even when others may not see it.


Do not be afraid for Christ has overcome the world!




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