No other name but the name of Jesus

There is a song by this name –

No other name but the name of Jesus

Is worthy of glory

Worthy of honor

Worthy of power and worthy of fame.

Now not to be confused with the Father who is Jehovah or YHWH, Jesus is the Son of God – the reason why there are two separate entities and the best I can describe it is like a body – you have the whole body which is like the Father, and then you have the heart, which is Christ Himself.  The Father was there with His heart ripped out in order make justification for our sins because Christ was slain from the foundation of the world.  How can that be?  Because Christ is outside of time and the Father created time, so everything is in the present as He is concerned.

So there is only ONE WAY – ONLY ONE WAY – ONLY ONE WAY – to get to heaven and that is through Jesus Christ.  What person wouldn’t want to accept someone who gave their life away so that the whole world can life?  He accepts you no matter what you did before you came to know Him, and He still loves you.  Not even the depths of hell can seperate you from the love of God.

There is a very dangerous set of beliefs right now that tie hinduism and Christianity together called New Age.  And then there’s the Interfaith movement, which just accepts everything.  If you accept Jesus You CANNOT ACCEPT EVERYTHING, or else you would make the Word of God null and void, and if you make the Word of God null and void, then there would be nothing redeemable in life because He is after all our sacrifice.  If you have all those “coexist” bumper stickers out there – take out the “t” because the Cross is not in there.  There is no way Christ talked about “coexisting” with other faiths.  He said that Narrow is the Gate and Few are the ones that find it.  He said that there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for those who don’t believe.

hinduism and Christianity cannot coexist.  Any mixing of anything with Christianity is called syncretism, and is not a pure and true and holy faith.  Time is getting short and there is less and less time for people to spread the word out that get ready – JESUS is coming!!!  Jesus is alive and every other “spiritual leader is dead”.  Jesus had to come down as the Son of God and be submissive to reflect the character of humbleness, which He did by washing the disciples feet.

That’s why there had to be a Son, – there had to be a mediator – Job in the Bible cried out for one man – who would intercede between a Father who is holy and whose wrath is so tremense, who had so many rules because He was testing the people to see if they would really obey Him or not, so then He sent Jesus His Son, down to earth.  The thing that makes the Bible credible from the Jewish Tanak and Torah to the New Testament – Greek and Septuagint- is the fact that there is over 500 prophecies that got filled from the time of the Old Testament until now, and maybe even more.  When someone who is not born again reads the Bible – and they are not filled with the Holy Spirit, or have not accepted Christ as their one and only Savior- they will not be able to get the rhema or revelation, that comes from Him through the Bible so to them it will be another book.  The Holy Spirit then guides them to the truth of God’s Word and it brings Life to those who find it.  Before someone becomes born again, their spirit does not belong to God, but to the enemy, and when they receive Christ, their spirit then becomes the dwelling place for the Holy Spirit, and it takes complete surrender for the spirit to match up to the Holy Spirit.  They may be good people and consider themselves “righteous”, but their righteousness is like filthy rags to God.  And the only way they get cleansed is through the Blood of JESUS.

Before there was the devil, he was called lucifer and he was an angel of light in heaven with God, he was worship leader and he was very beautiful and what the Bible calls a cherub, and he wanted to be God, and he thought he was more beautiful that God and he exalted himself above the throne and was sent crashing down to the second heaven, where the angels and demons dwell and that is called the second heaven.

There were fallen angels called the sons of God back during the time that Noah was on the earth and they were created to teach righteousness with men, but they corrupted themselves by sleeping with the daughters of men and bearing children and those children became giants.

So then lucifer also called satan tempts Eve in the Garden of Eden to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which God has commanded her not to eat so she eats of it, and gives it to Adam (Adam and Eve were the first man and woman on the planet and they were without sin), and after they ate they became exposed to sin.

The whole Bible is showing about how Jesus had to come down and become the blood offering for the sins of the people.  God chose the Jews as a promise to Abraham and His covenant with Him about Isaac – His covenant was through Isaac and to prove that the Bible is accurate – the Hebrew Torah has been preserved throughout generations and the oral tradition has been carried out from generation to generation.  Isaac was a foreshadowing or something to signify or predict that Jesus was coming.  The whole Bible ties in together and is woven so intricately by the hand of God to show the many different ways and facets of Jesus.  There is still only one God and to explain the Father, Son and Spirit is to use the example of the sun – the sun signifies God, and the Light signifies Jesus, and the heat signifies the Holy Spirit.  But God is not the sun – He is much, much greater than the sun.

The first Commandment which still holds true in the New Testament – is to Have no other gods, statues, idols, or molded images before Him (Jehovah or YHWH)- But even Jesus honored that by being submissive to the Father, everything was done for the will of the Father.

The best thing about Jesus is that He came to forgive sins.  The Father God is not the universe, or any other god of any other religion.  He was only revealed to the Jews first through the Abraham and everything else came from Him.  Everything else is a form of idolatry and people that believe in any form of idolatry will be punished, but the best part is God loves you so much He just wants you to be with Him, and if you don’t accept the gift He gave you out of His heart of deep unconditional love then you will not get to know what an awesome God who is different and like no other god that there is.  There is only One God.  Isaiah 43:10 says there is no other god, there never has been, nor shall there be.

John 3:16 – God loved the world so much that He sent His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

Only a fool would say in His heart there is no God.

Now I am using an English Word here for “God” – but He is actually called YHWH – which you cannot pronounce, so they call the Father Jehovah in English.  Then there is Adonai and Elohim and many different names of God, which can be found.  But they are all found in the Father – and the Father has not come down in History, only the Son Jesus, and that was once.  The name Jesus is an English name, but His original Hebrew name is Yeshua.  Jesus called Him Daddy, or Abba- which is the Jewish affectionate term or Papa.

Satan is the god of this world, and YHWH is the God of Heaven.  The name Elohim – the Creator of the world, is the name whose English definition causes confusion because it has a double meaning – it can mean God or god, but according to years of rabbinical teachings and translations – the proper context of the words is found.  The scribes had to practice copying the Scriptures down word for word letter by letter for intimate detail and that is why the Law was passed for the season, so that they were allowed to be meticulous so that they could preserve the Word of God.  The term God we actually use now according to Judeo-Christian beliefs is different – the original word was Elohim.  If you really want to get into a study of the meaning of the words of Elohim, then you would have to use a Thayer’s Lexicon or go to Bible College and study that for a long time, and even then unless you are led by the Holy Spirit you could miss the big picture.  It is the word LORD, which is the One True God, the One we have relationship with as Father, and that is JEHOVAH.  The name Yeshua means the “One who saves”, and He is the only One who can save us from our sins.  Hence the name, Savior.

Jesus said, “I AM the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE – NO ONE can get to the Father, except through Me.”

So as the time closes…I repeat myself as I have done – to know if there are any other people that haven’t found Jesus yet – or are convinced that there has to be more than one way or even no way.  Then this is my plead to you.  You have been blinded, and it is time to open your eyes to the Truth.


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