I apologize for the confusion about Benefits of the Law

I have come to the conclusion that I still don’t understand the Law vs. Grace and was condemned by my own message.  It was a mistake and I cannot put in the Trash, it is in error when I do it.  But I believe the Ten Commandments are still valid, but we have a better covenant, and after I have thoroughly researched and understood it, and I apologize for that mistake.


2 thoughts on “I apologize for the confusion about Benefits of the Law

  1. Hi friend. You should not apologize for your love for the law of God. We DO love His Law! We are just equipped (in Christ) for the Law to work from within now… rather than reading it on stones and trying to be obedient to it. Titus 2:14 tells us that Jesus purchased us to make a people for Himself who would be zealous for good works. The difference is we are no longer law-keepers, but fruit bearers! Fruit naturally grows on fruit trees. God said in the New Covenant era, His people would have a changed heart… a heart with His law written on it. We don’t keep the law to be pleasing to God. We are pleasing to God because we are in Christ Jesus. We are covered by His blood! His law naturally (actually supernaturally) flows from our lives. We still love and adore His law, we just realize we can’t keep it… only Jesus can (and did)! Therefore, we find our rest in Christ, who fulfilled the law. We go to Romans 12:1-2, give ourselves to Him as a sacrifice which is our reasonable (spiritual) service, and the transforming work of the Holy Spirit produces fruit. That fruit will include our love for the law… which is fulfilled in these words, “Love God and Love your neighbor.” Good friend, none of us have figured this thing out yet. We simply trust and continue to grow as God gives. Thanks for your openness and humility… a wonderful picture of Jesus! God bless.

    • Thanks I needed to hear that. I’ve been having trouble keeping some of the Laws, so I thank God that Jesus died for this so we don’t have to be bound to the Law. I just pray that I learn to walk in love.

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