The Good Fight of Faith

Good Fight of Faith Pt. 1

Good Fight of Faith Pt. 2

Good Fight of Faith Pt. 3


These are Ramson Mumba’s teachings on the Good of Fight of Faith.  During these times we need to be praying even more and more so we need an outpouring of anointing for prayer that will release the Presence of God among the people.

Heavenly Father,

I seal this post with the Blood of Jesus and ask You to convict every heart that still needs to change in the character of God, and lead them to a more Godly character, taking on the fruit of the Spirit.  I lift up all Your precious saints, and ask You to anoint them, and all of Your followers to be anointed on high with a fire and a zeal for prayer, so that they may be able to pray like never before.  Let us put on the whole Armor of God, and be able to stand in the last days.  Anoint our mouths, hands, and hearts, to be able to pray and seek Your face like never before.  Let us not become Lukewarm as it says in Revelation.  Let us be consumed with the passion of Your love everywhere we go and especially as we pray and seek Your face.  Let a revival be poured out among the nations.  Let a revival be poured out.  Touch every heart and lead them to seek after You and to do Your will.  Affect our lives with increasing the measure of faith, the fruit of faith, and the gift of faith.  Heavenly Father, we know that You can read and write, and Your Word says that if we delight in the Lord You will give us the desires of our heart.  As we delight in You give us more and more of You.  Your Kingdom is limitless and unshakable.  To You be the glory forever and ever.

In Jesus Mighty Name I pray,




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