God desires to heal you part 1

I posted a message on one of my blogs called “Trials, Troubles, Sickness, Pain, means that God knows you have the character to make through, but I was wrong on a few points…unless you have been in a pressure cooker you don’t know what it’s like then you shouldn’t go around presumptously and saying all these things are good and are part of God’s plan for you because God’s plan for you is not to harm you but to prosper you and to give you a future and a hope. And it is like that Lynda Randle song where she says “Life is easy when you’re on the mountain where you’ve got faith like you’ve never known, but things change when you’re down in the valley, don’t lose faith because you are never alone.”  It is definitely not God’s will for you to be sick at all, and He does not want you to be in pain, or to have trials, or to have trouble, or to have sickness, that is not from God and it is from the enemy.  But God uses it to bring you closer to Him, especially if you have gone astray, like a wild sheep, so that you can become so close to Him, that you are closer to Him than all the other sheep, which have legs of their own.  No one likes being in a pressure cooker.  I ask you all to forgive me for any discomfort or distress or lack of hope that I may have provoked through my blog posting that was not my attention.


Heavenly Father,

I pray for all the people that are sick, hurting, in, pain, and in trouble, Lord God, and I am asking that You pour out Your mighty hand upon them, and let them realize that it is not You that is making them sick, but it is a plan that does not come from You. I am asking that You reveal to them You as their Healer and I pray for deliverance from all facets of troubles, pain, sickness, and disease, and free them right now from any affliction because Your Word says, “This affliction will not come upon me a second time.”  Let them know that You desire to heal them personally from all sickness, and pain, and to free them because You are Jehovah Rapha.  You are the God our Healer, and let Yourself be made manifest to them, until they see that victory and release from that area in life.  I pray this in Jesus Mighty Name I pray,




3 thoughts on “God desires to heal you part 1

  1. What about Job? God let Satan have at Job because he knew that Job would stand tall. That is the meaning of a trial. God does try us to build our strength and like Job it is excruciating but perhaps necessary to our spiritual development.

    • I am thinking a lot about Job lately, but when you preach something, is different because you enact the principle of reaping and sowing, so even if it is true, you don’t want to preach something until you have been through it yourself, but if you were encouraged by the blog posting I’m glad. I believe it is very important to not neglect time in the Word of God during days of testing no matter how you feel. Get as much Word as you can every day and digest the Word of God, so when you go through hard times it will sustain and so will forgiveness.

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