How lazy are we?

These days we have lazy boy recliners. I found out when coloring instead of taking ardout one at a time I make a small pile.  When cleaning they say put things down when we are done with them.

The funny thing is when the crayons are between the division in the couch it looks like the Israelites walking between the Red Sea.

Speaking of Israelites I found myself eating manna. That would be oatmeal and/or grits. I was eating collard greens which are disgusting. Technology has made it easier to be lazy.  There was a time people used to go to the library to research.  I am against paperwork reduction act. There is a reason why you don’t put things on the cloud. I had taken a troubleshooting class where the instructor who had a password which was encrypted with binary. There was a guy named “doc”. He was anti internet.  These days it is hard to get Microsoft Office. I got a computer and I was waiting for it to be usable, but it had no cd drive.

The book of Proverbs talks about laziness. If we work like we are working for Christ then that encourages us to avoid laziness.

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