Unleashing the mask

Since I’ve been a Christian, and I didn’t always start out that way, I have been putting on a mask to say that I am this perfect person and that I have it put it all together.  I try to force my opinions on others, instead of just being myself, not trusting that God will reveal himself to them at the right time and that everything belongs to his purpose.  I have passed judgment on others and I have used this blog which is my form of communication to the outside world to impose upon others what I thought was right even when I didn’t measure up to it.  There is so many things I’ve shared and put my self on the spotlight and sort of become a city on a hill, but I don’t nearly measure up to the standard of Jesus.  Sometimes we forget that He was a man, and that He was fully tempted as we are and we presume that He is so holy that He won’t go and accept us as we are.  He takes all of us.  I had the experience of being inside a mental hospital this past week, and I met all different kinds of people.  I learned what the heart of Jesus is really about and how much people just need love and acceptance, and how much people need to be bold enough to stand for what is right, but sometimes we cower away because we are so scared, but that’s okay, because God knows about it all and each and everything.  He knows everything before it even happens.  If I didn’t make so many mistakes, I don’t think I’d ever learn about anything.  I’ve learned about love and loss and love again.  I’ve learned about sin, condemnation, freedom, and guilt.  What Jesus truly meant was for a society that was ruthless, but if the society had values, that Jesus had no right and never did condemn others.  There are ways we try to manipulate others with our own agendas and try to make others feel guilty and like Joyce Meyer says – Hurting people hurt other people.  We try so much to strive after the impossible, when all we have to do is to take baby steps.  Sometimes we want to be so grown up and mature that we forget to that we are just children of God and precious in his sight so in that respect we have to learn to love ourselves.  It was one of my favorite songs, and I think it just sums up the Gospel in one song, which I am constantly being reminded of these days.  There is a song by Joey McIntyre of The New Kids on the Block, and i don’t know if you’ve ever heard of them or not, but it goes something like,

(forgive me for lack of copy right)

Don’t you ever wish you were someone else,

you were meant to be the way you are exactly

don’t you ever say that you don’t like the way you are

When you learn to love yourself you’ll be better off by far

And I hope you always stay the same because there’s nothing about you I would change.

I wish that you could be whatever you wanted to be.

If you could realize all the love you have inside.

Don’t be afraid if you’ve got something to say.

Just open up your heart and let it show you the way.

Believe in yourself

You will come alive

Have faith in what you do

and you’ll make it through

Don’t change.

This was pretty much Jesus’s Gospel message and here we are trying to Evangelize and spread the Gospel through the Word of God, but this is what is Truth.  This is the Truth put in the form of a song.  Sometimes we mask our pain and hurt by putting up a face for all to see, so that people don’t realize that there’s a person inside of there.  There’s a person that just needs to be loved and like Maria said in the Sound of Music, “They just want to be loved love them all”