The Power of Agreement

A person is as good as their word.  The word agree as two primary definitions:

1) Have the same opinion about something; concur.

2) Approve of (something) with regard to its moral correctness.

Numbers 30:2 says

If a man makes a vow to the LORD, or swears an oath to bind himself by some agreement, he shall not break his word; he shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.

The Bible says if two of you or more agree touching anything in (Jesus) name it shall be done.

We know from the Bible that words have remarkable impact.  So when we are in casual conversations, do we ever take notice to how many of the things that we are agreeing to each day?  Sometimes when we are listening to someone talk on the phone and saying, “yeah,” or “uh-huh” then we are agreeing with them.  We are even agreeing with them when we say “that’s right”.  Essentially in casual conversation we are agreeing with whatever the other person is saying.  The Bible also says we are supposed to pursue peace with all people so sometimes when we don’t agree we are put in a situation where we have to risk offending the person.  This is especially difficult on the phone.  You want the other person to know that you’re listening so you make casual comments, when it may not even be good for you or them to agree with what they are saying.  When you are talking to an unsaved person, you have to be very careful exactly what you say when you around them so that you don’t lose them, but at the same time bring them conviction or allow them to see who Jesus really is.

I was put into a situation where I learned the power of agreement at a very early age.  God allowed for me to have a test to see what I was made of before I was born again.  There was a group of girls trying to get me to say that I didn’t like this girl and said that she was “stuck up”, but if I remember correctly I didn’t say that, but I said something to the effect of, “So-and-so is the way that So-and-so is”.   At least that’s what I remembered myself saying.  But I think I may have said, “yeah” to the girls without realizing.  So then after I was enjoying myself with my friend, who was afraid of these girls because they were older, these girls came back and said, “You said So-and-so is stuck up” I was caught by surprised, and the girls caught me on my “yeah”, but from then on I learned that the power of agreement is very important, especially with what you agree to.  I may have ignored this lesson early on, but it has come back to me as of late as I am listening to my conversations on the phone, especially with unbelievers.

There’s so much a fear of rejection for people who are not solid in their faith, that they will risk not offending the person and limit what God is trying to say to them.  But we must choose our words carefully because they have lasting power.  I think journalists and authors know this importance of choosing their words, particularly their writing very carefully, but this can also be in conversation.

That’s why it is very important to be led by the Spirit in all that you do or say, because you will be accountable for every idle word spoken, and the works that you do will be tested by the fire, and the works that bear fruit will stay, but the others will be cast into the fire.

The WORD of God has power.  When you come into agreement with the Word of God, then it can have power in your life.  But the problem is that most of us, including myself are so distracted by the enemy’s schemes, or our own desires, that we neglect the Word of God, and when we neglect the Word of God, then all that we do will be perishing because we will have no food to sustain ourselves.  The Word of God is the fuel, and the Spirit is the Engine of our Car.  Our car can’t work without engine or fuel.  Prayer is like starting the Car and faith is what is able to get you to go.

But that brings us back to the question that how do you maintain a phone conversation without defiling your mouth or coming into some kind of agreement with someone especially with someone who thinks that they are right all the time and is looking for you to agree with them?  The key is to keep silent, and to say “I’m listening” or participate in way by providing feedback without being argumentative.  When they are wrong let them know that they are wrong, but also remember that God may use them to speak to you in a certain way to get you to see something about yourself.

If someone is always speaking negative around you and promoting fear instead of faith, confess to them what the Bible says about the situation.  That’s why Bible reading is so important, that you can soak in the Word, and let it become rhema in your life.  It’s not just about memorizing scriptures, but once you arm yourself, you are able to give a defense for any situation that may come.   This takes wisdom, and God says we can always pray to have wisdom, and once we pray we continue to believe seek daily the LORD so He may impart His wisdom on to you.  Whatever you agree with can change your destiny, or the other person’s destiny.  If you believe all the negative words spoken over to you, or you believe the words spoken by the devil, then it’s going to be very difficult for you to fulfill your destiny because all you have believed is lies.  You don’t have to agree all the time.  You must choose your words very carefully because there is no backspace key for our mouths.

Heavenly Father,

I pray for you to forgive us, Heavenly Father, for all the things that we have come into agreement that did not come from You.  Forgive us for believing all the lies.  Forgive us for every idle word spoken.  Forgive us for anything we have done that is displeasing to You.  Let us choose You today to guide our words and our actions and to put into our minds the right thoughts, and allow us to choose those thoughts according to Your will and purpose.    I pray for the bloggers, authors, journalists, out there that they may have the right words to say, and also for the evangelists, that they may be guided by Your Spirit Lord God, and that You will bring all of us unto the paths of righteousness and holiness.  If we have fallen short today forgive us, and let us receive restoration.  The glory belongs to You Lord in our lives.  We Thank You Lord God.

In Jesus Mighty Name I Pray