New Seeds Are Available

Although this message was made in 2011, it is still applicable this year or any year.  When it seems like all your dreams are crushed and destroyed, and there is no hope for your dreams, God still has seeds for you.

Understanding God’s Purpose; Discipline and Self Control and Consistency

This video puts the focus back on to God in a distinct way where it brings light into understanding what the purpose is for God, discipline and self control and consistency – areas that I need to work on that we all need to work on in the body of Christ.  Sometimes we think it is all about us, even me included, but when it is really about Jesus, we shouldn’t be afraid of what people think of us and be bold and confident of what God’s plans for us are.  The focus has to be about Jesus and God’s purpose and what He has planned for us, and as part of being part of the body of Christ we need to be reminded of our crown.  As some of you know I have issues with weight loss and that it was very difficult for me to hear, but to be an example so that I don’t become disqualified I needed to be reminded of this and I think there are some people that really need to hear this message.  I know that I am working on and I have improved a lot, but the focus is that we are running the race to receive an imperishable crown.  Putting this video up was like crucifying my flesh, but even more is the actions that follow we will be more the crucifying the flesh.  But remember one thing when listening to this video, remember it is not through our own self that we become disciplined, self control, and consistent, but it is through Jesus and allowing Him to work in  us and surrendering to God’s will and purpose  and to be molded into the image of Jesus Christ.  Self-Control comes through the Holy Spirit and intimate time with Him.  By the way this video is not complete.