self esteem and selfishness

I was asked to do a an analysis on self esteem – Old English self, seolf, sylf “one’s own person, -self; own, same,” from Proto-Germanic *selbaz (cognates: Old Norse sjalfr, Old Frisian self, Dutch zelf, Old High German selb, German selb, selbst, Gothic silba), Proto-Germanic *selbaz “self,” from PIE *sel-bho-, suffixed form of root *s(w)e-, pronoun of the third person and reflexive (referring back to the subject of a sentence), also used in forms denoting the speaker’s social group, “(we our-)selves” (see idiom).

Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth. [Alan Watts]

Its use in compounds to form reflexive pronouns grew out of independent use in Old English. As a noun from early 14c.

Another definition to self is – word forming element indicating “oneself,” also “automatic,” from Old English use of self (pron.) in compounds, such as selfbana “suicide,” selflice “self-love, pride, vanity, egotism,” selfwill “free will.”

Basically self esteem is how you feel about yourself.  I know that when I put make up on I feel better.  It pertains to what you feel about yourself.  Growing up I had poor self esteem and was a  victim of racial discrimination.  Also not having many friends you can talk can bring you down.  Rejection is painful, but the only remedy is fellowshipping with God and how much He loves.  His love pours out like a river.

The Bible says love God, love your neighbor as you love yourself.  Well I love God for sure.  I love my neighbors and fellow brothers and sisters.  I have an issue with neighbors and their pets.  Whenever I feel antagonism I start writing IFY – I forgive you.  One time I actually wrote it 490 times.  I love to talk and I will go up to anyone and start talking.  I begin by asking what their name is.

I love myself as much as I love my neighbor.  I see myself as the bride of Christ, and that brings me worth.  I feel loved and appreciated.  I encourage people to make goals about what reasonable improvements to make.  But the best you can do is take it day by day, and realize how much you are loved.

Selfishness is gratifying your flesh and not having a generous spirit.  I have given away so many things and some of which I could give back.  My relative says I used to be selfish, and I didn’t even realize that.  What I tend to do is put other people higher than myself so that I don’t get an over inflated ego.  I am sure we may become selfish at times.  But don’t fret, God still loves. you.