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The Pearl and The Butterfly

God has created so many beautiful things on this Earth as an example and representation to show meaning and purpose to our lives. John 1:3 says, “3All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being.”  Genesis 1:31 “31And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good (suitable, pleasant) and He approved it completely.”  Although some things were corrupted through man’s sins, God still has some examples for us to use in creation that we can take away from.

Did you know that when a piece of sand is in an oyster it goes through a lot of pressure, refining, and weathering to make it come out shining like a beautiful pearl?  Our lives are the same way.  We go through many trials, ups and downs, tribulations, testings and weatherings, and we don’t realize the purpose until much later that God was trying to make a pearl out of us.  We are all each exotic pieces to a beautiful necklace.

God thinks we’re beautiful and He wants to form us into the creation that He sees in us.   So He might use different circumstances and different people and different situations to make us really question things in life, but God has a purpose.  He is shaping you to be a beautiful pearl.  When you become a pearl then you may develop some wisdom in this area and are able to share your “Pearls of wisdom” with other people and then you can be a blessing to others.  I truly believe that behind every pain and struggle that the enemy puts into our lives, God has allowed it to create beauty out of our lives and to shape us to fulfill our destiny.  God will give you back what satan has stolen sevenfold, just like it says in the Book of Job.

Another example God has given is the butterfly.  It starts out as this slimy, icky looking, sluggish, caterpillar, who on it’s own is just an infant, but to reach it’s maturity it is in a cocoon.  It stays there for awhile and it builds up strength.  What it’s doing on the inside no one can see.  But it is developing muscles and it is transforming itself so it can be a whole new creature.  It will expand and develop wings.  FYI:  Did you know that some butterflies actually have alphabetic letters on their wings?  I’ve seen them in Hebrew and in English, but I was told there are many other languages.  Butterflies are beautiful creatures and people love to marvel at their beauty and spectactularity (maybe not even a word) but I like to use it here.  The Houston Museum of Natural Science used to have (or maybe still does) an exhibit to look at butterflies.   But the amazing thing about them is that they come from something that was nothing like their former selves.  They used to be not able to fly and now they can fly.  They used to be primarily greenish or grayish or dull colored and depending on the type of butterfly it is now a new creation.

That is the way we become when we have accepted Christ.  We become new creations.  Gone are our old selves and we become new creatures.  Do you know why?  Not because we are not the same person in body and in mind, but we are a new person in spirit.  We have taken on the Holy Spirit of Christ.  We are no longer bound to our sins and Christ has cleansed us from our sins so we become new creations.

The butterfly analogy can be used to also describe a period of transition in our lives, when we seem to be stuck in one place, just like the pearl.  We don’t seem to be moving anywhere or doing anything or we don’t think anything good is happening in our lives, but God is working behind the scenes.  He is creating something in us to prepare us to be His bride.  His bride is the most beautiful creation in the world to the Lord and He loves His bride.  The Father God created the perfect bride for His Son.  She would have perfect eyes, perfect ears, perfect smile, perfect mind, and be perfect and beautiful in all ways just the way Christ is.

So some people don’t feel that perfect or beautiful right now and that’s ok because we don’t need plastic surgery because even Christ Himself was not handsome or attractive or anything to be looked at on this Earth, as it says in Isaiah 52.  But we know that in His redeemed body He was glorified and beautiful.  The same way we are going to be glorified and beautiful creatures with resurrected bodies.  But even in our spirits right now we are being shaped in Christlikeness so  we can become more and more like Christ developing in His character and His attitude so we can treat all things the way He treated them and so we can know Him who created us.  So if you feel like your in a cocoon right now, it’s ok – You will lose those pounds, You will get that job, You will write those books, and You will turn out and continue to become something that you never thought possible.  If you feel hurt by wounds of what other people said, or angry or depressed it’s ok because as long as you trust in God and realize that God is using you to shape you into a beautiful pearl or a beautiful butterfly.  Like the potter who makes the clay, He is the great Creator and He will shape you into being His perfection as you go through these things so you once you are free and can fly as a butterfly or can shine like a pearl you can be a blessing to others.