food review dgn factory

I just went to the best restaurant in houston. It is called dgn factory. They have a nice radio station. It is the best date place or a small party. It is rated with all fives. The have dosas which is like a burrito.

God is a jellyfish

In Exodus 15:2 it says that the Lord is a man of war. I rember in school I had to do a report in man of war which is in fact a jelly fish. In one of Will Smith’s movies he takes a jellyfish and tries to hurt himself.

On Friends Monica wanted Chandler to urinate on the man of wars. BUT ONE THING God us not jellyfish He is our Creator. Just something to think about. Word of the day is homonym. A word that has double meaning.

Top 40 worship and praise artists

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1. Ifgf worship team

2. Plumb

3. (Jesus in disguise) artist brandon heath

4. Onething

5. Jesus culture

6.’ Sons and daughters

7. Hillsong

8. 1000 generation

9. Benny christanday

10. Michael w smith

11. Matt redman

12. Chris tomlin

13. Fee

14. Steffani frizzel

15 terry macalmon

16. Israel houghton and new breed

17. Ihopkc

18. Flash Faith

19. Glimpse of reign

20. Don moen

21. Hillsong united

22. Darrel evans

Ok I give up post your favorites to add to the list

23. Rhema marvanne

24. 1000 generations

25. Mark shultz

24. Marvin sapp

25. Mary mary

26.Ron kenoly

27.benny hinn

28. The good shepherd in hinds feet in high places

29. Kirk franklin

30. Newsboys

The next ten are people from my church

1. Noah

2. Kevin

3. Krysalyn

4. Flavia

5. Gretchen

6. L. Tan

7. Gordon

8. Christina



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Do the shuffle

So I am listening to a radio station that plays music by artists. I have a collection of songs and when I put it on shuffle it played only christian music. Its supposed to be random. I guess God likes to shuffle.

what kind of music do christians listen to when they exercise

I don’t know about you but except when I go to church most christian music don’t have an upbeat tempo. Most secular music is flawed worh lyrics. Their melody is awesome. Step it up to the next level. I say and this is me talking christian music needs to improve. I am a

Music critic and I think we shouldappreciate all genres of music

Joey McIntyre – I need a Melody

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I like the way Joey and the gang prayed before going to do their thing

Here’s a melody

, represents octaves




B,, f,,a,,e
















G,a,,b,,b,d g,a,,


A, eDf,,e,

Now the commas represent octaves you can use numbers for fun math

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