The McCarthys, Wasabi, Joey and John

For all of you that don’t know, I am an avid Joey McIntyre fan, and when I found out that McCarthy’s was coming on last night at 8:30 pm which was past my curfew, and I have to watch these lengthy comedies that come before that really don’t add any value to my tv repotiore (spelling).

Now it was reported that Joey’s mom Kay died of Alzheimer’s it really touched me because imagine you hear “OKay” It can I imagine hurt so you might need therapy, but that’s just my guess.

Well I needed some therapy and I went to UTHCPC. Don’t even ask.  Well when I was there I received sushi from my parent’s visit and I ate some sushi that had wasabi, and I was in need of some cold water right away, So, when I saw the scene with sushi and wasabi, I was ROFL

John is the guy who lifted a sofa to show off his muscles, and I was trying to test to see if I had any chemistry with him, so when we were playing dominoes – He got 150, but one game I was giving him Step by Step clues and I don’t know if he got them or not.  I played connect 4 with him, and he let me win a couple of times.  Why I like 4 is Step 4 :JOEY: I can give you more.   That has become my motto – Step by Step

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