Tithing and the Multiplication effect

There is an amazing principle of multiplication in God’s Economy.  God will increase whatever little you give and it will keep on multiplying and multiplying.  This is what happened in the Bible when Jesus came to multiply the fish.  The boy brought five loaves and two fish.  When you keep sowing seed the seed keeps multiplying.  There was a sermon I preached on Warning for Televsion Pastors saying it was wrong for them to ask for money.  But the context was that you won’t get blessed unless you tithe, but sometimes sowing seeds is important.
When people sow seeds then it brings money for God’s work, and then more people can get affected and it can have an impact on the economy and change the lives of the people for the better.   This can provide more money for problems in the nation.  In America we have a problem with health insurance but if people work and tithe, they can afford to make lives better for everybody and then that makes lives easier for every body else.   This is what we need to do as a body of Christ.  We know that the Bible says to pay 10%, but I believe God is worth more than 10%, and that’s why we need to give.

Once a seed starts to take effect it gives birth to more and more and more until there is supernatural increase from the doorways of heaven and the abundant supplies from Heaven comes and then that makes lives better for everyone.   God is the King of Kings and He can create wealth out of anything, and He can supply us with every need that we want.  We are the Body of Christ and we are meant to change the world, and we need to do the most that we can to have the impact on the world and that starts by sowing seed.  Whatever we sow God can multiply and then there will be more for others.  Wouldn’t everyone want to have all of their needs met and if so that is what we need to do is to make lives better for everyone.
There are so many people suffering with sickness, disease, poverty and they desperately need our help and we need to go out and starting sowing seed- God deserves our best.
God is Jehovah Jireh and He can provide for us, and whenever we offer something of value He will return the very best back to us.

Let’s start changing the world now – if you haven’t given give more it helps people around the world.