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Top 40 worship and praise artists

1. Ifgf worship team

2. Plumb

3. (Jesus in disguise) artist brandon heath

4. Onething

5. Jesus culture

6.’ Sons and daughters

7. Hillsong

8. 1000 generation

9. Benny christanday

10. Michael w smith

11. Matt redman

12. Chris tomlin

13. Fee

14. Steffani frizzel

15 terry macalmon

16. Israel houghton and new breed

17. Ihopkc

18. Flash Faith

19. Glimpse of reign

20. Don moen

21. Hillsong united

22. Darrel evans

Ok I give up post your favorites to add to the list

23. Rhema marvanne

24. 1000 generations

25. Mark shultz

24. Marvin sapp

25. Mary mary

26.Ron kenoly

27.benny hinn

28. The good shepherd in hinds feet in high places

29. Kirk franklin

30. Newsboys

The next ten are people from my church

1. Noah

2. Kevin

3. Krysalyn

4. Flavia

5. Gretchen

6. L. Tan

7. Gordon

8. Christina


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Top 40 secular artists

1. Nkotb

2. R5

3. Backstreet boys

4. Mariah Carey

5. Bruno Mars

6. Miley cyrus

7. Selena

8. Britney Spears

9. Christina Aguilera

10..michael jackson


12. Passenger

13. Lord and royals

14. John legend

15. Maroon 5

16. Nsync

17. Boyz 2 Men

18. Michael buble

19. U2

20. Depeche mode

21. Erasure

22. Live

23. Justin timberlake

24. One direction

25. Justin bieber

26. Jennifer lopez

27. No doubt

28. Lee ann rhymes

29. Jennifer love hewitt

30. Lisa loeb

31. Goo goo dolls

32. Bluestraveler

33. Carly rae jaspen

34. Madonna

35. Extreme

36. The cure

37. Rem

38. Color me badd

39. Lfo

40. Informer

Antakshree with colors

What is antakshree you ask? Antakshree is a game you  sing and the next person takes the last letter of the song and then the player has to sing with last letter and sing it as the first letter. For example: lolipop oh lolipop player 1 and player 2 please don’t go girl.

Well with a coloring book you color 1 page and lets say you end up with red as the last color and with the next page you look for red to color with. Try it. It could be fun.

Meeting Queen Vashti and Martha’s cookbook

This Christmas I ran into Queen Vashti who didn’t want to eat dinner. But that put aside I keep on thinking that martha had a recipe book and she just couldn’t wait until Jesus came and ate it. So she asked mary to join to help her while mary was just in the room in a deep discussion with Jesus and was interrupted. Jesus said mary had chosen the best part. Imagine all the trouble that women go through fulfilling Proverbs 31. I think that cooking is one of the talents in the parable of talents. What do you think?

Red and Blue make purple

When I was in elementary school who said no one love me.. not my family and God doesn’t love me. So I went to the counselor and she gave this experiment with red cards and blue cards. Now normally we would get blue cards for an A and red cards for a B. So I was surprised that I got a red card. The people that got blue cards were shunned and there was a lesson on discrimination. The people who were with red cards got treated like royalty. The girl who said those things got moved from red to blue when she looked at a blue card. They resumed the experient by taking a survey and a mini lesson on discrimination.

Now what they should have done is given purple cards as semblance of peace.

How lazy are we?

These days we have lazy boy recliners. I found out when coloring instead of taking ardout one at a time I make a small pile.  When cleaning they say put things down when we are done with them.

The funny thing is when the crayons are between the division in the couch it looks like the Israelites walking between the Red Sea.

Speaking of Israelites I found myself eating manna. That would be oatmeal and/or grits. I was eating collard greens which are disgusting. Technology has made it easier to be lazy.  There was a time people used to go to the library to research.  I am against paperwork reduction act. There is a reason why you don’t put things on the cloud. I had taken a troubleshooting class where the instructor who had a password which was encrypted with binary. There was a guy named “doc”. He was anti internet.  These days it is hard to get Microsoft Office. I got a computer and I was waiting for it to be usable, but it had no cd drive.

The book of Proverbs talks about laziness. If we work like we are working for Christ then that encourages us to avoid laziness.

First will be last and last will be first

I was looking at a picture of ducks who were facing one way, and in the second picture they had done an 180 degree turn, meaning that the first was last and last would be first.  They did a repentance, a Metatonia in Greek.  It’s really hard to make a spiritual turn.  Sometimes we get stuck or backslide.  But this is a process that God is working on with us. We are like a potter’s wheel, we get mashed around and cry and laugh.  Today I was caught crying because I was forced to eat.  I didn’t like it but I ate because of my love for Joey.

Tide to go

Have you ever done laundry?  It’s hard to get out stains.  Well in one translation of the Bible – I don’t know which  it said that Jesus’  clothes were whiter than anyone’s clothes once they are laundered. Now  I am not talking about money laundering which is what Sonny Corinthos is famous for.  I am talkling about the Transfiguration of Jesus.

The Transfiguration

17 After six days Jesus took with him Peter, James and John the brother of James, and led them up a high mountain by themselves. There he was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light. Just then there appeared before them Moses and Elijah, talking with Jesus.

Communal Laundry can be difficult because you have to share and you don’t want to air your dirty laundry, pun intended.  It feels nice to have your clothes clean and women have it even harder.  So wouldn’t it be cool to have your laundry fresh every day.  So I recommend Tide detergent, but it cannot match Elohim, who is my God, the Creator.

self esteem and selfishness

I was asked to do a an analysis on self esteem – Old English self, seolf, sylf “one’s own person, -self; own, same,” from Proto-Germanic *selbaz (cognates: Old Norse sjalfr, Old Frisian self, Dutch zelf, Old High German selb, German selb, selbst, Gothic silba), Proto-Germanic *selbaz “self,” from PIE *sel-bho-, suffixed form of root *s(w)e-, pronoun of the third person and reflexive (referring back to the subject of a sentence), also used in forms denoting the speaker’s social group, “(we our-)selves” (see idiom).

Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth. [Alan Watts]

Its use in compounds to form reflexive pronouns grew out of independent use in Old English. As a noun from early 14c.

Another definition to self is – word forming element indicating “oneself,” also “automatic,” from Old English use of self (pron.) in compounds, such as selfbana “suicide,” selflice “self-love, pride, vanity, egotism,” selfwill “free will.”

Basically self esteem is how you feel about yourself.  I know that when I put make up on I feel better.  It pertains to what you feel about yourself.  Growing up I had poor self esteem and was a  victim of racial discrimination.  Also not having many friends you can talk can bring you down.  Rejection is painful, but the only remedy is fellowshipping with God and how much He loves.  His love pours out like a river.

The Bible says love God, love your neighbor as you love yourself.  Well I love God for sure.  I love my neighbors and fellow brothers and sisters.  I have an issue with neighbors and their pets.  Whenever I feel antagonism I start writing IFY – I forgive you.  One time I actually wrote it 490 times.  I love to talk and I will go up to anyone and start talking.  I begin by asking what their name is.

I love myself as much as I love my neighbor.  I see myself as the bride of Christ, and that brings me worth.  I feel loved and appreciated.  I encourage people to make goals about what reasonable improvements to make.  But the best you can do is take it day by day, and realize how much you are loved.

Selfishness is gratifying your flesh and not having a generous spirit.  I have given away so many things and some of which I could give back.  My relative says I used to be selfish, and I didn’t even realize that.  What I tend to do is put other people higher than myself so that I don’t get an over inflated ego.  I am sure we may become selfish at times.  But don’t fret, God still loves. you.