Jesus loves the mediocre or the average person?

I wanted to point out a distinction between mediocre and lukewarm before I begin.  Lukewarm means mean that hot nor cold – indifferent, and it refers to the attitude of the heart.  Jesus does not like our hearts to be in the middle – either hot or cold so He can use them, but when it comes someone whose life does not seem to be special, that they just seem to have an average job, or average income, average Church goer, the question needs to be asked does Jesus despise them as well?

Well against man’s wisdom – I am here to set the record straight – there is no one who lives in medicrity.  I believe there is no such thing!!!  We all see people everyday, and in God’s eye each person is special and unique and has purpose.  Even if they die and end up in hell, their life is not completely lost because He has a way of turning what’s bad into good.

Maybe you feel like your life is mediocre or has no distinguishing marks, or you are just another average person just like anybody else and that there is nothing special about you.  Well there is something special about you because in Psalm 139 it says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made – that is each person.  You can be in a transition period in your life, but that does not mean you are in mediocrity.  Your life still has meaning, value, and purpose, and God still honors that in all that you do.  Every life impacts someone.  They may not leave a legacy behind or a name behind, but every life still has purpose.

Though Solomon did point out in Ecclesiastes that people are not remembered after they die, we still have hope and each person will leave their mark on this world in some way.  Some people who have done evil will leave their mark, but then their victims will challenge causes to help other victims in the same situation and start foundations to help people.  Some people will do amazing things and create inventions which will be used for generations to come, and some people will only affect one person, but that one person will change a whole history and cause a world changing impact for people from generation to generation.  Each person’s life has destiny and purpose, so don’t let anyone lead you into believing that this mediocrity is a real thing.

With a history of bipolar disorder – I spent most of my life wishing that I could be “normal” or “ordinary” or “average”, but now as I am older I realize that there is no such thing.  There is nobody average, ordinary, or normal.  We all have been given unique DNA and we have been given gifts and abilities and each person that is born from the time they are conceived in their mother’s womb is a special.  Whatever they do will affect someone in someway somewhere and people will hear about it.  True some names have been forgotten and not remembered, but they are remembered by God and Jesus loves them, and He tries His best to get the Gospel preached to them, and He shows them amazing things of nature and signs in the sky and stars, just so that they might believe in who He is.  There is no one that is not special or unique.  So if you despise your mediocre life, then realize it’s not mediocrity just a transition into the next beautiful thing, and even if you are like the Israelites wandering around in the desert for 40 years, a Promised Land is still a Promised Land, if you don’t give up on the Promise, and also if you realize that the God who created you is the one who will help you get to that Promised Land.  Be encouraged dear friends.  Jesus loves the average and mediocre person, and there is no such thing as a life of mediocrity.  A life of mediocrity truly does not exist!!!!  For the Christian believer make sure your heart is not mediocre though because a heart that is mediocre, will the Lord not look so favorably upon.  Let the Love of God take your heart and mold it into the perfect vessel, of beauty and treasure and love and purity that so delights in pleasing the Lord.  Take Care dear friends.